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Started on the Financial ProcessWe Help You Get Started on the Financial Process

We offer two ways to finance a home. The first, a home-only loan, is an installment contract, terms can go from 15 to 25 years, depending on amount financed.The downpayment required starts at just 5 per cent . This type of loan is mainly for community settings, but may also work for someone not looking to leverage their property.

We also offer a land/home package, which is a mortgage instrument that can have terms up to 25 years. This type of loan is perfect for the individual looking to purchase and finance land-home-site developments all in 1 package.

We can connect you to a lender with all of the costs pertaining to home –land–site development for an approval. You can also obtain your own funding source. Once approved we will start collecting the paperwork we need for closing. Once paperwork is all in to the lender a closing is set up, usually at one of our offices.